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These are some of the blogs, magazines and websites that can give you further information about golf, and golf clubs in Scotland, the UK and beyond.

Bunkered Magazine

This magazine is a one-stop golf resource that gives you everything you need to know about golf. It features the latest news, equipment reviews, instructional videos, competitions, quizzes, blogs, and more.

Golf News

This is the UK’s most widely-read free golf publication. It provides topical news and exclusive features that golfers find relevant and interesting.

Women & Golf Magazine

This is the UK’s leading women’s golf magazine. It features up-to-date and the latest news and views about the world of women’s golf. Very vital for a veteran or newbie woman golfer.

Fun Golf

This website aims to make golf fun by providing the best in golf advice, golf news and golf equipment reviews.

Golf Coach Access Blog

This is a blog by Noel Rousseau, a PGA Pro and full-time coach. He covers anything related to golf learning and performance. The blog contains in-depth articles and quick bites that help transform your golf.


This blog offers golf news, equipment reviews, travel, betting and more.

Solid Golf

Based in Liverpool, England, UK, this blog from Adrian provides lessons and advice on anything golf.

Stronger Golf

This blog features exercise demos, discussions on strength and conditioning golf and programming advice to help you achieve your goals on the course.

National Club Golfer Magazine

This website is your stop for all things golf. It features golf news, tips, golf club reviews, equipment reviews,  the latest golf and tour news, and instruction videos.

The Golf Business

This magazine profiles golf club managers, PGA professionals, and golf clubs. It is the leading European golf trade online publication that offers the latest golf updates.

These few blogs, magazines and websites will be helpful to you if you want updated information about golf, golf clubs and more. You can connect with us for more information.