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This online magazine is always looking for talented individuals to write for us. We aim to provide top-notch articles, news and information on golf clubs and venues in Scotland. We also need content about golf courses, competitions, membership, golf equipment and more. So we need you to write to us.

Anyone with experience as a writer or blogger on golf clubs and venues in Scotland and similar related topics can contribute to this online magazine.

When you write for us, you gain article writing experience and exposure because millions of people all over the world will see your article, and it will never get deleted. We aim to rank very high in the search engines so your article will always be seen. Also, you might get paid for contributing to our magazine.

We are looking for articles on golf clubs and venues in Scotland related topics. You can get an idea of what we need by looking at the articles on our site and the categories we have. So your article must be interesting and shareable with others. It must be of a high standard, or we will not be able to publish it.

Articles must be original content. They can’t have already been published elsewhere. We don’t take likely to plagiarism. Where you want to use images, please let them be clear and credit all sources used in your article. Be creative. We want to see the passion for golf in your article.

You don’t even have to live in Scotland to write for us. Just do your research and provide original and interesting articles and we will edit and publish them.

How Do You Start? Please get in touch with us using the information on our contact page. We are always available to attend to your inquiries.